Ergonomics at Home: Seated Position

So you’ve found yourself working from home and you don’t have the ergonomic setup you may have at work. Here are some guidelines for working in the seated position.

Slouching can lead to discomfort, fatigue, and back ache. To properly sit:

  • Make sure your feet are resting firmly on the floor
  • The depth of your chair should allow for your knees to extend beyond the edge of your seat
  • Your thighs should be approximately parallel to the floor
  • Arrange commonly used items so they are easily in reach
  • Forearms should be parallel to the floor and approximately 90 degrees from upper arms
  • Your wrists, neck, & head should be in a relaxed, neutral position; not angled up or down
  • The distance between your eyes and the monitor should be approximately arm’s-length, or at least 18″
  • The top third of the computer screen should be positioned at or below eye level

With proper posture, you can work ergonomically no matter where you’re working.

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