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In recent times Nigeria’s life expectancy generally has declined over the years and this has adversely affected the economy and more importantly affected the rate of death and illness in the country. Statistics in recent time has also shown that nations across the world adopt the use of CBD oil and its production process as a viable health and economic boost however, its usage is totally prohibited in Nigeria and ironically it is classified as illegal product. “ILLEGAL” by what law and on what hypothesis: Cannabis is a product that grows effortlessly in most part of Nigeria.

CBD – The Background

The adoption and use of the CBD oil extracted from Cannabis plants has become a hard currency for nations, owing to its numerous benefits. The use of CBD oil across various countries of the world has proven beneficial for the citizen’s health and the country’s economy. As pointed out by Medical experts, the CBD oil gotten from Cannabis plants can serve several health and economic benefits, however in Nigeria we continue to play the Ostrich to a booming multi-billion dollar details which could serve as an immense boost for us as a nation, with respect to our health sector and our economy at large.

The Misunderstanding

The misuse of cannabis leave as a drug in time past has adversely affected the belief that cannabis as a plant can be useful for numerous health and trade benefits. In time past, cannabis was mostly associated with drug abuse and addiction which generally affected the mental state of mind of teeming youth. It may become difficult to bring to our understanding that Cannabis plant can be of immense help not just to the health alone but also to the nation’s trade exchange and exports economy. MORE ABOUT US

Fights Diseases

Studies have been done to suggest that the use of cannabinoids may be beneficial to treat cancer, arthritis, endometriosis, migraine, and other similar conditions.


Recent studies found that the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) may be helpful in treating epileptic seizures in children.


The ability of plant-derived and synthetic cannabinoids to control cancer cell growth and  invasion has been demonstrated in numerous experimental studies using cancer cell lines and genetically engineered mouse models.


Cannabis has been suggested to a beneficial impact on insulin; it controls your sugar level, blood pressure, and is helpful in regulating the average circulation of blood in your body.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. It is legalized in many jurisdictions other than Nigeria. Research has it that it has 31.56g of protein and 4.0g of dietary fiber.

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Additional Info

In addition to the uncertainty about yields, there are some questions as to whether hemp fiber can be profitably processed in Nigeria if legalized. The technologies used to process hemp fiber have not changed much and they require capital investment and knowledgeable workers.
Research is under way to streamline harvesting, retting, and fiber separation, but those technological breakthroughs have yet to occur. Traditional retting and fiber-processes—both labor and resource are capital intensive.